BAD LUCK (Rant!!!)

This week was pretty eventful to say the least. Bae and i typically have date nights on Saturdays and occasionally on Mondays (if we didn’t have it the previous Saturday). We went downtown to a great Italian restaurant (let me know if you would like food/ restaurant reviews). Anyway, we got a good parking spot *or so we thought* right in-front of the restaurant , we 100% checked if it was good to park there (besides there were other cars parked). We happily skipped inside, got seated right by the window facing our car, ordered our food (which was YUM btw), and chatted away; Not even up to 8 mins, we just noticed there was a parking enforcement official right by our car, bae dashed outside but it was to late, the ticket was already placed in the car and we just realized that our night out just increased by $50 *ouch*. however, we still enjoyed our meal nonetheless and laughed off the whole thing.

Thursday evening rolled around and i stopped at a street to scope out a house being built (i am trying to move) just to get an idea of what i want. Other cars were parked where i parked and there were no parking signs- besides i was just going to breeze in and out.

Tell me WHY! i walked to the house and by the time i looked back, i saw a parking official already producing another $50 ticket and placing it on my car. I was so livid- i still am and that’s how a $100 was spent this week just like that!!! SMH. i could have used that for shoes or something.

Just had to let this out of my chest LOL.

‘Till Next Time-xxx


Difference between Hobby and Work

Yayyy. Its Saturday and hopefully another nice, restful weekend – i hope. I didn’t plan on writing a post today and i just magically woke up with a topic on my mind that i felt i had to share with my online friends.

I hear its important to do things you love and what makes doing those things better, is making money from it. I have done a lot of soul searching (which i occasionally do and would recommend people to do more often) and i realized that i am not perfect at anything; i do loads of things that i love but i found that i have not devoted much of my time in doing them to perfection which is unfortunate.

 I love reading; with a passion (i talked about that in my last post). It’s a hobby to me. However, reading a novel, i found, will not pay my bills and here i thought all you had to do was transform what you do into making money but i can’t think of anything that will generate money through reading fictional books BTW i don’t want to be an author, i just love reading 🙂

People say “Get paid doing what you love, so you don’t have to work a day in your life. I definitely disagree with this statement because as long as there is the pressure to achieve a certain goal or produce a certain result, it will always feel like work and it is work. Yes! you may derive some satisfaction for getting paid doing what you love but there is still that thin line where it feels like work; this is where getting “burnt- out” comes in. Lots of social media “influencers” started out without getting paid – it was a hobby then- but now that they get paid, you hear of burn-outs and taking time off and i think this is because of the pressure  from advertisers and subscribers to produce content.

To wrap this long thought process up, i call it a hobby when i can do things at any time and at my own convenience while i call it “work” when there is pressure behind producing results and it can be same as anyone that hates their “9-5” job.

Ultimately, the desire is to just be rewarded with whatever work you do. I mean who doesn’t like a good reward 🙂

Would love to know your thoughts on this.

Until next time…xo

Books I Love

This post deviates from what i typically write about; I just finished reading a great fictional book (which i highly recommend btw called The gods of Guilt by Micheal Connelly) and it brought a lot of emotions out of me; so obviously i feel i have to shout out to books i love.

I am an avid reader. My interest for reading was piqued in my childhood because my mum managed a bookstore so i was surrounded by books for almost a chunk of my life before i went to Uni.

My first memories of books were going to the book store after school by 3pm to stay with my mum before she closed for work by 7pm and so for 4 hours i had to keep myself busy in a little corner of the store and read. I loved reading Enid Blyton famous books like the “Famous Five”, “Secret Seven”, “Mallory Towers” etc especially her mystery books that made me feel like an actual detective LOL.

Why do i read?…. Books keeps my imagination alive and my mind active and my escapism. I love all  genre of books- mostly fiction ; Action and Adventure, Suspense/Mysteries, Thrillers, Crime and Romance – Always my guilty pleasure 🙂

I have read 3 books so far this year- i am really happy about that and i achieve this by reading mostly during my breaks at work and on the weekends. I plan on reading 8-10 books this year and who knows, i may just surpass my goal.

Please leave recommendations of fictional books you think i would love in the comment section…

‘Till Next

Comparison – A Thief of Joy

As I sat there scrolling through Instagram- as we all do trying to catch up with the latest celebrity gossip, fashion, memes (which never fails to  crack me up btw) etc – i came across a high school friend of mine that was added to my recommended section. I will no longer consider us close or even friends because, you know, time and distance naturally comes in-between. I feel i made the mistake of going through her profile as you would naturally do because you want to know where they are and what they are doing. I suddenly came to the realization that i was slowly comparing my life to hers which BTW my life paled in comparison. i found myself thinking i had not even achieve half of what she had achieved and i was even a year older – which in my opinion, made it worse; like i was even a failure (pretty harsh, i know) .

We all know that social media is the bane of our society and while i disagree to a large extent, i also agree that we put out the highlight reels and there are other people looking at photos and videos of “interesting” lives – or what we perceive as interesting- and comparing based on if the other person is more beautiful , has a greater bod, travels or goes to certain locations you always wanted to go to and because of all these, i find myself wishing i had their “interesting” lives which seems much more interesting than my mundane life.

All that being said, once i find myself being sunk into the social media “black hole”  i look for ways to ensure that i bring myself back to reality  and remember that though i have a long way to go, i have worked hard to get to where i currently am .

Two things that have helped me in this social media craze is to use the comparisons to motivate myself  in a positive way and to always be grateful for what i have.

Let me know if you have felt the same way and how you are dealing or have dealt with those feelings.

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New Year, New Me!!!

Such a cliche, yet a strong statement repeated by many but adhered to by few.

Hi Guys, it has been a long while and i would be lying if i said i was ready to get back to the groove of things or i wasn’t nervous to start all over again.

Lots of things have happened since my last post on March 2016 and i feel i have grown to be a better person- in a lot of ways; and still same ol’ me in other ways 🙂

Life so far has been filled with its ups and down (i really do hate the down part, i mean who doesn’t right?!) however, i am grateful for all its challenges and the fact that i am still standing makes it a much better story.

One positive change that has happened to me was i fell in love to an incredible man and now i am married to him (yay to this and unfortunate for the future suitors) and the journey so far has not been boring.

I cannot wait to produce more content such as my personal experiences, food reviews (i will forever be a foodie), travels etc. I have so much expectations for 2019 and i know that this year will bring good things….i just hope you hang in there with me.


Thank You…


Putting the Me in ‘ME’rry Christmas

Pretty Feet, Pop Toe

I am spending Christmas Day alone. Before you drown out the Christmas carols with the sound of a thousand tortured violins, please be assured that I am happy about this, nay, delighted. I am delighted to be spending Christmas alone. Except, I’m not alone, because there are more than a few of us out there doing our own thing on our own, but together, alone. If you know what I mean.

I’m looking forward to my Christmas Day pour une. I don’t always look forward to the festivities, and that’s because other people and their pity get in the way with their “oh you can’t possibly spend the day on your own, I shall be miserable just thinking about you!” – well, “you” might be miserable, but I certainly won’t. The fact you may not be able to tolerate your own company doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy mine very…

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The Best Things Happen Unexpectedly..

Hey everyone!! it has certainly been a while. Life happened…filled with its daily bumps of ups and downs, joy and sadness and everything in-between. Hopefully, this is me being back to what i love doing….writing/speaking my mind 🙂

As i was discussing with a friend yesterday, i had an epiphany..I felt like i have been too hard on myself all the while and this is because i have not been too happy about not being where i am supposed to be (professionally..and maybe personally as well). However, this is where the “conundrum” comes in because if i am not hard on my myself, i am afraid i become complacent and if i am hard on myself, i lose focus of my blessings.

To recap on what has been going on since i stopped writing, 2014 was not a good year for me. I had to make the hardest decision to move to another city (California) and if anyone has had to move without any assurance of what’s to come/no money, they know how difficult it is. I would certainly not go into details, but let’s just say things got difficult and i ended up not going for my graduation (i graduated with a Master’s degree in Economics) and it didn’t feel right…and till today, i kinda don’t really look at graduation photos because it reminds me of  what i missed, which is celebrating i came this far…

Cut to Jan 2015, i got a job. It was the start of a new / good year for me, at least, i  have some income, without having to rely on anybody..My contract is to end very soon and the realization has hit me once again, that i may be back to year 2014, if i am i not careful (there are other things involved, which i cannot say) but i guess all i can do is to keep working hard, fighting and praying.

I was telling a friend the other day that i know i am progressing but it is at a very, very , very slow pace, which can be infuriating at times. At least i can say, i am at a better place than where i was last year, which is good right?!!

I just thought to keep you updated of what has been going on and why i have not been focused on my blog..i hope i have your forgiveness 🙂

its tough but i know we will all get to where we want to be!!




Hi Guys, i know it has been a while since i blogged or any of the cool stuff; and that is because i am in school (graduate school) and i have been having exams so all of my effort have been put into doing my best and achieving success 🙂

My days are filled with expectations; expectations that i would get married, have kids, start my own publishing firm someday; that i would be the best person i can be. i generally expect things to be OK, to be good. Yet despite my hopes and ambitions, it never really goes the way i have planned it to go. If i hope it goes right, sometimes life would take me left.

Its so funny because i never even knew that i would be where i am today (going to graduate school) because it was never part of the decision i made…

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Hi Guys, i know it has been a while since i blogged or any of the cool stuff; and that is because i am in school (graduate school) and i have been having exams so all of my effort have been put into doing my best and achieving success 🙂

My days are filled with expectations; expectations that i would get married, have kids, start my own publishing firm someday; that i would be the best person i can be. i generally expect things to be OK, to be good. Yet despite my hopes and ambitions, it never really goes the way i have planned it to go. If i hope it goes right, sometimes life would take me left.

Its so funny because i never even knew that i would be where i am today (going to graduate school) because it was never part of the decision i made especially when it came to my life’s choices. And now i am about graduating and i have not gotten a job yet, which makes me feel like i just wasted my time and money going to school. I wish i could have faith but every-time i get rejected, it keeps me going down. I am supposed to be happy about graduating from school, instead i feel scared and anxious and hopeful. I keep telling myself to be strong(er) but how long will it be till i get that good news i want..i often wonder. How long will i continue to be strong??!!!

All i can do right now is to hope, be thankful and keep on having faith in God that all would be well at the end of the day…. 


Expectation is the root of all heart-ache ~ Williams Shakespeare.


Task for today~~Be Thankful for everything!


Last week has been a really wonderful week for me, that is why i have not been here since my last post on “bucket list”. Someone really special came to visit and it was truly wonderful and filled with love.   I just “love” love!!!! *sigh*

Anyway……. as you all know i am still trying to find my way in life, so i have not been too happy that things are moving this slow for me, actually it has been while since i have been excited about anything except talking to my mom or my boo. I miss being content, happy and excited, I just need something good to happen!!!  it is long overdue….. Lately, i found myself focusing more on the bad things in my life that i have forgotten to give thanks to God.

Which brings me to my topic of the day; highlights!!. 2 weeks ago, i had a talk with my self and promised myself never to dwell on the sadness or difficulties of life, rather always look at the highlights of each day or each week and that way it keeps me alert that i should always be thankful and not dwell on the negative. i came to this decision because i  don’t  want to focus on the worries of the future and  forget to be happy at this present moment, because now is what matters, before you know it time flies by and you regret why you never found time to be happy.

I say the highlights of my day at the end of each day and i appreciate every stage i am in because it has made me stronger each day. Even if i have a chill day or i did not do much, i am pretty much thankful for being alive and  experiencing the beautiful colours of life. I am also able to have food to eat and clothes to wear and have people that love me and I love back more. Therefore, my highlight for last week was someone really special came to see me and i got everything i wanted accomplished. 

So as last week was a good week, I hope that this week would bring more blessings and happiness!!!  *fingers crossed*


Task for today: mention your highlights at the close of today!