Last week has been a really wonderful week for me, that is why i have not been here since my last post on “bucket list”. Someone really special came to visit and it was truly wonderful and filled with love.   I just “love” love!!!! *sigh*

Anyway……. as you all know i am still trying to find my way in life, so i have not been too happy that things are moving this slow for me, actually it has been while since i have been excited about anything except talking to my mom or my boo. I miss being content, happy and excited, I just need something good to happen!!!  it is long overdue….. Lately, i found myself focusing more on the bad things in my life that i have forgotten to give thanks to God.

Which brings me to my topic of the day; highlights!!. 2 weeks ago, i had a talk with my self and promised myself never to dwell on the sadness or difficulties of life, rather always look at the highlights of each day or each week and that way it keeps me alert that i should always be thankful and not dwell on the negative. i came to this decision because i  don’t  want to focus on the worries of the future and  forget to be happy at this present moment, because now is what matters, before you know it time flies by and you regret why you never found time to be happy.

I say the highlights of my day at the end of each day and i appreciate every stage i am in because it has made me stronger each day. Even if i have a chill day or i did not do much, i am pretty much thankful for being alive and  experiencing the beautiful colours of life. I am also able to have food to eat and clothes to wear and have people that love me and I love back more. Therefore, my highlight for last week was someone really special came to see me and i got everything i wanted accomplished. 

So as last week was a good week, I hope that this week would bring more blessings and happiness!!!  *fingers crossed*


Task for today: mention your highlights at the close of today!


My Bucket List!!

I really don’t have much i want to do before death draws nigh, because i want to enjoy every experience than just looking to check off something off a list but not to be a kill joy, i know the only thing that i want to do is to do things i am afraid of (which is a lot of things..lol), such as;

Bungee jumping (i have a phobia for heights),

skydiving (might never do that, but never say never),

snorkeling (looks fun)

and ride a helicopter, that is all i can think of for now…sorry people..i know it is such a boring list but still i just want to enjoy every experience that comes my way, if i have the opportunity to do what is on my list, i will be happy as well because i would feel like i defeated my fears but i will be happy all the same if i don’t have the opportunity to do them.

I went to Six flags in Chicago last August (my cousin forced me to go), and since i am terrified of heights i had already settled to go on the smaller kiddie rides; but i felt as though i had to overcome my fear of heights and scary rides (and i paid too much to lose out on fun), so i went on the viper (if anyone knows the name of the ride, you would know what i mean), and it was really gut-wrenching, exhilarating  like i expected it to be, i could not wait for the ride to be over. However, when the ride was thankfully over, i realized that i truly felt accomplished that i felt like overcame my fear. *pat on my back*

Appreciate life!!!

Why do we ‘Busy Brag’ ??!

I recently had a conversation with a friend (no name calling); we had not spoken in a while , i called her up because i thought she had gone off the face of the earth, anyway, we both (or she) gave the normal excuses of the fact that she was too busy that was why she did not reach out (i am guilty as well, i know)…after the conversation it got me to thinking a lot and how many people use being too busy as an excuse.

Coincidentally, i stumbled upon an article on Busy Bragging (that’s where i got the term from) and the article stated that we complain about being to busy but we secretly like it *i agree*. it got me to thinking about the conversation i had with my friend, i remember when she did not have a job, she would still use the excuse of being too busy; i understand that she wanted to erase the feeling of having all the time in the world and  no much accomplishment but still i don’t think it has to be used as a conversation starter. When the excuses started pouring out from her all i said (in my head) was “yeah right!!! *sarcastically…

 I am of the realization that every conversation i have had recently always start with the excuse of being too busy and too busy to even do simple things like reply a text, which would probably take less than 5 mins or call up a friend, make coffee or say something sweet to someone; but we are just too busy to do anything.

I wonder are we actually too busy or do we just love spending our time bragging about it to make other people feel guilty from not being “too busy”… is this norm??…..maybe not! but i know we just love the feeling of telling someone we are too busy to justify not calling or replying a text. Do not justify anything…i think…just say you are sorry..or better yet don’t say anything at all and move on with the conversation.


I want to know what  you all’s take is on “busy bragging” ??


Task for the day: Call someone up today (you have not talked to in a while) and say hello. No Excuses!!! 🙂




Who am I??


I often times ask my self the same question; what am i passionate about?? apart from God, My mother (She is the best), and achieving my goals, what am i really passionate about. I came to the realization that i am really passionate about inspiring and motivating people, that has always been what i love to do…

I am a 25 year old girl who wants to be an inspiration to people over the world. II started this blog not knowing what was going to become of it and of me. i think i am still trying to find my path in life and i envy others who have already found theirs. I turned 25 on February 7 and it suddenly dawned on me that i was getting older, i suddenly felt ‘the pressure’ because i am not where i want to be. I used to think that by 25 i would be achieving all my goals but alas! life does not happen the way you want it to,  sometimes it takes you to a different path; so i started this blog to share my journey with everyone and i know most people can relate to it.

Unto a lighter note….I love “love” and i love life as well but life gets so difficult sometimes i feel i should give up on it but i cannot because i am STRONG!!, i love food because i find the art in food; someday i hope to go to culinary school and actually be a chef.. I love shoes, even if i do not own so many, i still love them..My favorite colour is blue or pastels. My favorite food is Spaghetti, just any kind of spaghetti dish…any time i take the first forkful i feel as if i am in heaven, that is how much i love love it!

My blog would focus on life, love and living. Within the next year, i am hoping to reach a wider audience around the world *fingers crossed* and i know if i work harder i can be better at blogging than when i started (which was few days ago..lol) and I would  appreciate any feedback given to me to help me grow.






I am a 20 something year old who has always loved to write, but never really got about to it. I did not have direction or focus to know what I wanted to write about but I knew it was something I wanted to do before I died (my bucket list),so I decided to start a blog for 2 simple reasons;

1) It is definitely an avenue to express myself,

2) I have always secretly envied people who have blogs, which makes me sad that I was am not that creative.

I am still trying to find myself (as with other people) and I hope one day…..someday, I would find my purpose in life….but for now, I live for the moment and I am taking the plunge to start my own blog.

I ask myself the reason for starting this blog and what i am trying to achieve; I hope to help someone who reads my blogs to know there is always hope and that life is not always easy but there is hope….the point of the this blog is not only to share in my journey but invite others as well.

So, relax and i hope you enjoy it!!

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Is a little worry healthy??

This is my first time having a blog and it is a pretty scary feeling because i do not know what is going to come out of this but i hope this goes a long way… OK! I’ll go straight to the point…. i have always had a nonchalant attitude; never really knowing what is going to happen or come out of my life… i never really had a goal but just went on as the day took me.. i never used to worry about anything at all. i just always had so much faith, but lately i have found myself slipping (in the faith department)… i begin to wonder if faith backed with hard-work would make your dreams come true; or do things happen just by faith alone or by hard-work alone. What if you never have faith that it would not work out, does that mean it would not?!.

I often wonder why we worry so much if things do not go our way…i recently started to worry so much about a situation i knew i can not really change and my friend pointed out that if you keep on worrying about things, you miss out on the happiness of today; is this true?  i think so!

But is a little worry healthy?, will it make the  bad situation go away any faster. Today i am trying to find the faith i lost and pick up the pieces, i am losing the worry and taking my friend’s advice; smelling the roses each day….