Is a little worry healthy??

This is my first time having a blog and it is a pretty scary feeling because i do not know what is going to come out of this but i hope this goes a long way… OK! I’ll go straight to the point…. i have always had a nonchalant attitude; never really knowing what is going to happen or come out of my life… i never really had a goal but just went on as the day took me.. i never used to worry about anything at all. i just always had so much faith, but lately i have found myself slipping (in the faith department)… i begin to wonder if faith backed with hard-work would make your dreams come true; or do things happen just by faith alone or by hard-work alone. What if you never have faith that it would not work out, does that mean it would not?!.

I often wonder why we worry so much if things do not go our way…i recently started to worry so much about a situation i knew i can not really change and my friend pointed out that if you keep on worrying about things, you miss out on the happiness of today; is this true?  i think so!

But is a little worry healthy?, will it make the  bad situation go away any faster. Today i am trying to find the faith i lost and pick up the pieces, i am losing the worry and taking my friend’s advice; smelling the roses each day….


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