Who am I??


I often times ask my self the same question; what am i passionate about?? apart from God, My mother (She is the best), and achieving my goals, what am i really passionate about. I came to the realization that i am really passionate about inspiring and motivating people, that has always been what i love to do…

I am a 25 year old girl who wants to be an inspiration to people over the world. II started this blog not knowing what was going to become of it and of me. i think i am still trying to find my path in life and i envy others who have already found theirs. I turned 25 on February 7 and it suddenly dawned on me that i was getting older, i suddenly felt ‘the pressure’ because i am not where i want to be. I used to think that by 25 i would be achieving all my goals but alas! life does not happen the way you want it to,  sometimes it takes you to a different path; so i started this blog to share my journey with everyone and i know most people can relate to it.

Unto a lighter note….I love “love” and i love life as well but life gets so difficult sometimes i feel i should give up on it but i cannot because i am STRONG!!, i love food because i find the art in food; someday i hope to go to culinary school and actually be a chef.. I love shoes, even if i do not own so many, i still love them..My favorite colour is blue or pastels. My favorite food is Spaghetti, just any kind of spaghetti dish…any time i take the first forkful i feel as if i am in heaven, that is how much i love love it!

My blog would focus on life, love and living. Within the next year, i am hoping to reach a wider audience around the world *fingers crossed* and i know if i work harder i can be better at blogging than when i started (which was few days ago..lol) and I would  appreciate any feedback given to me to help me grow.






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