My Bucket List!!

I really don’t have much i want to do before death draws nigh, because i want to enjoy every experience than just looking to check off something off a list but not to be a kill joy, i know the only thing that i want to do is to do things i am afraid of (which is a lot of, such as;

Bungee jumping (i have a phobia for heights),

skydiving (might never do that, but never say never),

snorkeling (looks fun)

and ride a helicopter, that is all i can think of for now…sorry people..i know it is such a boring list but still i just want to enjoy every experience that comes my way, if i have the opportunity to do what is on my list, i will be happy as well because i would feel like i defeated my fears but i will be happy all the same if i don’t have the opportunity to do them.

I went to Six flags in Chicago last August (my cousin forced me to go), and since i am terrified of heights i had already settled to go on the smaller kiddie rides; but i felt as though i had to overcome my fear of heights and scary rides (and i paid too much to lose out on fun), so i went on the viper (if anyone knows the name of the ride, you would know what i mean), and it was really gut-wrenching, exhilarating  like i expected it to be, i could not wait for the ride to be over. However, when the ride was thankfully over, i realized that i truly felt accomplished that i felt like overcame my fear. *pat on my back*

Appreciate life!!!


7 thoughts on “My Bucket List!!

  1. Ditto on the phobia of heights. While I may not be as potentially adventurous as you – I still don’t understand the need to jump out of a perfectly good plane – I have been snorkeling and loved it! It’s amazing the world that exists below the waves.

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