Why do we ‘Busy Brag’ ??!

I recently had a conversation with a friend (no name calling); we had not spoken in a while , i called her up because i thought she had gone off the face of the earth, anyway, we both (or she) gave the normal excuses of the fact that she was too busy that was why she did not reach out (i am guilty as well, i know)…after the conversation it got me to thinking a lot and how many people use being too busy as an excuse.

Coincidentally, i stumbled upon an article on Busy Bragging (that’s where i got the term from) and the article stated that we complain about being to busy but we secretly like it *i agree*. it got me to thinking about the conversation i had with my friend, i remember when she did not have a job, she would still use the excuse of being too busy; i understand that she wanted to erase the feeling of having all the time in the world and  no much accomplishment but still i don’t think it has to be used as a conversation starter. When the excuses started pouring out from her all i said (in my head) was “yeah right!!! *sarcastically…

 I am of the realization that every conversation i have had recently always start with the excuse of being too busy and too busy to even do simple things like reply a text, which would probably take less than 5 mins or call up a friend, make coffee or say something sweet to someone; but we are just too busy to do anything.

I wonder are we actually too busy or do we just love spending our time bragging about it to make other people feel guilty from not being “too busy”… is this norm??…..maybe not! but i know we just love the feeling of telling someone we are too busy to justify not calling or replying a text. Do not justify anything…i think…just say you are sorry..or better yet don’t say anything at all and move on with the conversation.


I want to know what  you all’s take is on “busy bragging” ??


Task for the day: Call someone up today (you have not talked to in a while) and say hello. No Excuses!!! 🙂





4 thoughts on “Why do we ‘Busy Brag’ ??!

  1. I definitely agree with the importance of stopping the excuses and the apologies that don’t mean anything. Your post reminds me of a therapy contract that I’m going to write a post about before too long. The contract is “I will not DREJJ” DREJJ stands for:


  2. This brought me insight. I definitely use the excuse of being too busy, when the truth is I’ve got better things to do. That sounds awful though, “hey, I’d like to meet up with you sometime for coffee, but honestly, I’ve got better things to do.” Hahaha. I’d never say that. I guess I’m better of just telling people I’m too busy.

    • Hahaha, I know right?!. Somehow I kinda agree with you especially If you really don’t want to have lunch or coffee with the person. You are better off not hurting their feelings much by using the “busy” excuse….*sigh*

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