Last week has been a really wonderful week for me, that is why i have not been here since my last post on “bucket list”. Someone really special came to visit and it was truly wonderful and filled with love.   I just “love” love!!!! *sigh*

Anyway……. as you all know i am still trying to find my way in life, so i have not been too happy that things are moving this slow for me, actually it has been while since i have been excited about anything except talking to my mom or my boo. I miss being content, happy and excited, I just need something good to happen!!!  it is long overdue….. Lately, i found myself focusing more on the bad things in my life that i have forgotten to give thanks to God.

Which brings me to my topic of the day; highlights!!. 2 weeks ago, i had a talk with my self and promised myself never to dwell on the sadness or difficulties of life, rather always look at the highlights of each day or each week and that way it keeps me alert that i should always be thankful and not dwell on the negative. i came to this decision because i  don’t  want to focus on the worries of the future and  forget to be happy at this present moment, because now is what matters, before you know it time flies by and you regret why you never found time to be happy.

I say the highlights of my day at the end of each day and i appreciate every stage i am in because it has made me stronger each day. Even if i have a chill day or i did not do much, i am pretty much thankful for being alive and  experiencing the beautiful colours of life. I am also able to have food to eat and clothes to wear and have people that love me and I love back more. Therefore, my highlight for last week was someone really special came to see me and i got everything i wanted accomplished. 

So as last week was a good week, I hope that this week would bring more blessings and happiness!!!  *fingers crossed*


Task for today: mention your highlights at the close of today!


6 thoughts on “Highlights!!!

  1. I like this because lately I’ve been focusing on the negative as well and you get stuck in that icky cycle. I appreciate your transparency and positivity.

  2. I’ve got the same theme for my blog! I love the header and I didn’t personalize it because I liked it just the way it is. I think you’ve got a great idea for your blog. The Lord knows we all need to focus on the positives more. He in fact tells us to do just that! 😉 Great work!

  3. I love your positive outlook. 🙂 I do the same (focussing on the blessings).
    I had been through a really tough time in life, so I started a second blog about overcoming depression in baby steps through faith in God, as I just felt some people need that uplifting.
    Have a great night.

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