Hi Guys, i know it has been a while since i blogged or any of the cool stuff; and that is because i am in school (graduate school) and i have been having exams so all of my effort have been put into doing my best and achieving success πŸ™‚

My days are filled with expectations; expectations that i would get married, have kids, start my own publishing firm someday; that i would be the best person i can be. i generally expect things to be OK, to be good. Yet despite my hopes and ambitions, it never really goes the way i have planned it to go. If i hope it goes right, sometimes life would take me left.

Its so funny because i never even knew that i would be where i am today (going to graduate school) because it was never part of the decision i made especially when it came to my life’s choices. And now i am about graduating and i have not gotten a job yet, which makes me feel like i just wasted my time and money going to school. I wish i could have faith but every-time i get rejected, it keeps me going down. I am supposed to be happy about graduating from school, instead i feel scared and anxious and hopeful. I keep telling myself to be strong(er) but how long will it be till i get that good news i want..i often wonder. How long will i continue to be strong??!!!

All i can do right now is to hope, be thankful and keep on having faith in God that all would be well at the end of the day….Β 


Expectation is the root of all heart-ache ~ Williams Shakespeare.


Task for today~~Be Thankful for everything!


10 thoughts on “Expectations!!!

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  2. Congrats on graduate school, I am a fellow graduate school sufferer so I know how heavy it can be! But you managed to get the blog up and running and that is the hardest part! This is a great piece, just keep writing from the heart and what you know and it will work! Same for life just keep the fight going, something will come for you and it will be great πŸ™‚

  3. “All i can do right now is to hope, be thankful and keep on having faith in God that all would be well at the end of the day…. ” Sounds like a good plan to me!!!

    The phrase I was taught, and find helpful, is to “Put in the effort, and let go of the results.”

  4. You have a very vise way to look at life and it is a big thing to graduate! Congrats:)
    I know from my own experiences that things can look one way and the next day it have changed, completely. I mean that with your faith and hope and great way to look forward I think it all will fall in place and that it will work out just fine for you. Maybe not like you have expected but still good. That’s how my life have turned out this far…

  5. Hey there,

    I like your post. First of all you are not alone. Many of us go through the same phase. Staying strong is not an easy task. Some days one feels sad and angry, and wants to cry. Its hard, I have been through that stage. What I learnt may apply to you or may not, but I guess its not bad to share an experience. I got rejected my 300 companies in first three months, as none of them liked my resume. I kept trying to improve it, sent it to friends to check and edit, kept practicing my interview. I failed 6 interviews, and finally after 6 months and 500 + applications I got a job. What I did in the mean time was also helped my friend in his small venture on making websites, so kept learning something new everyday. Try doing something new everyday or at least a step towards your goal. Example, re fix your resume today. Work on your presentation skills tomorrow. Go to seminars for job applications. Apply to places where you can easily get a job but you don’t want to do, so maybe you can get an interview. It can be a good way to improve on interview skills. Someone said failure is not defined by the amount of times you fail but is defined when you refuse to get up and not try again.

    Good luck πŸ™‚

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