Putting the Me in ‘ME’rry Christmas

Pretty Feet, Pop Toe

I am spending Christmas Day alone. Before you drown out the Christmas carols with the sound of a thousand tortured violins, please be assured that I am happy about this, nay, delighted. I am delighted to be spending Christmas alone. Except, I’m not alone, because there are more than a few of us out there doing our own thing on our own, but together, alone. If you know what I mean.

I’m looking forward to my Christmas Day pour une. I don’t always look forward to the festivities, and that’s because other people and their pity get in the way with their “oh you can’t possibly spend the day on your own, I shall be miserable just thinking about you!” – well, “you” might be miserable, but I certainly won’t. The fact you may not be able to tolerate your own company doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy mine very…

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2 thoughts on “Putting the Me in ‘ME’rry Christmas

  1. The writer sounds a little bitter. Deep down she wishes she wasn’t alone because she is all in her feelings. Well I guess it is better she is alone then going after someone else’s man. So sometimes is alright to be a little mad. Lol,😊😊 I am just saying. But,I feel you Viv… Some people want to be alone. Good luck on finding hubby and those babies. You shouldn’t be alone much longer. Waiting on a blog. Lol

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